About Recycle Eko Start

Recycle Eko-Start LLC Skopje, founded in 2007, is a company which recycles and smelts old automotive Lead-Acid batteries (accumulators), Lead Scrap and Lead Concentrate. The maximum Production Capacity of the Plant is up to 3,500 tons per year, 2,000 of which are refined lead and 1,500 are lead alloys.

Considering the short period of its existence, the company has reached a considerable success, in terms of improving its technological production line, as well as establishing its products both on the local market and on numerous markets abroad. Recycle Eko-Start lays the basis for its production program on the processing of Primary and Secondary lead raw materials.

The main products of the Company are Soft/Refined Lead Pb 99, 970 (BS EN 12659:1999) and Pb 99,985, which is trading with a premium per ton depending on the purity of the product, based on the London Metal Exchange (LME) Price, and Lead Alloys, whose specifications are as requested by its Clients which are also trading at a premium above the LME market price.

In addition, the Company's team of highly qualified experts in the field of manufacturing along with our up-to-date industrial technology and equipment made way for Company products to become highly competitive on the Balkan and European markets. Pursuant to its Company's Goals for work, but principally, pursuant to its plans for meeting our clients requirements, Recycle Eko-Start has set numerous middle-term and long-term goals in order to manufacture high quality products, thus enabling the Company to become one of the leading manufacturers of secondary and primary lead materials in Macedonia.

In accordance with its targets for achieving high quality standards, as defined in its work plan, the company closely follows the leading world technologies and it modernizes its own technology and efficiency. This in turn, leads to higher product competitiveness on the foreign markets. The products as such can be used as raw materials for numerous applications in a variety of branches of industries, such as the Automobile industry, Chemical industry and Ammunition manufacturing.

The primary Company's Clients are automotive Lead-Acid Battery factories in Western Europe and 90% of the total batch of products is placed outside of the Republic of Macedonia.